The patron of the conference, the President of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who led the European Union e-health work group in 2011-2012 has said in his speech in 12. May 2012: "Healthcare is lagging behind by approximately ten years when compared to other spheres in the implementation of different IT-solutions. We know, based on the example of many other services, that information technology applications may completely change and complement our current approach. By implementing different IT solutions for both preventive healthcare and treatment services, we also improve both the welfare of patients and the healthcare system in general." President began the conference with opening lecture.

During the last decade, Estonia became well known as a country with advanced e-services, not only in the business sector (especially banking), but also in e-Government services (electronic tax board, state commercial, car and shipping registers, e-voting, e-school, e-ticket etc.). The state has already established and maintains a nationwide technical infrastructure called the X-road platform. X-road is a platform independent standard interface for secure data processing, connection of all Estonian public sector databases and information exchange. Other IT-solutions such as digital signatures and ID-card authentication are recent innovations, and their use is comprehensively regulated by national law. These developments are the basis of implementing sectoral policies such as creating a countrywide electronic health record.

Estonia has for example:

  • Electronic Health Record
  • Digital Image
  • Digital Registration,
  • Digital Prescription

  • There are also lots of new ehealth services in development.

    Aim of the conference

    We believe that effective IT systems are a great way to improve the quality of healthcare in a situation where the societies are aging and the pressure on healthcare systems is therefore rising but extra money cannot be endlessly added. We need more medical workers who would not consider information technology as annoying extra work and more people working in IT sector who would understand the needs of healthcare.

    The aim of this conference is to raise awareness of the growing need of integration between IT and medicine and to discuss the development of e-health in different countries together with top specialists. Also to help both IT and medical students see the current problems with e-health and to give them a chance to start discovering the solutions.

    If you have any questions about the conferenece you can contact:
    Karmen Stimmer 53993330 or
    Oliver Stimmer 59011865